Our goal is to optimize your health utilizing traditional and alternative medicine. We strive to treat health issues at the root cause, address lifestyle issues and educate you to maintain optimal wellness. Se Habla Español, both physician and staff.

Detoxification - Info & Recipes

Perhaps one of the most important forms of preventative medicine is ensuring that our bodies are not overburdened by toxins. Unregulated toxin exposure leads to storage of toxin in body cells, development of symptoms, and sometimes even chronic conditions. Unfortunately, toxins are everywhere... read more.

Eat the Rainbow

Ever heard the saying ‘Eat the Rainbow’? What that means is incorporating vibrantly colored foods from every hue of the rainbow in your regular diet, and no, Skittles don’t count. Here are the top benefits of eating food from every color... read more.

How much water should we drink?

What is the Water Challenge?

OC Medical Tustin wants you to join the "Water Challenge" in reaching our daily water intake requirement every day for the month of May, and beyond. The goal is to boost health and demonstrate how vital water consumption is to our health... read more.

Adrenal Fatigue

When we are stressed, our bodies release cortisol and epinephrine. Its part of the fight/flight response and it is designed to keep us alive and safe.  However, today, we live in a 24/7/365 world, and our bodies do not distinguish the kind of stress we experience. To our adrenal glands, all stress is the same... read more. 

What's the Deal with Pink Salt?

Pink, or Himalayan salt is very popular these days. Go to just about any health food store and you will see lots of pink salt available for purchase. Even the big supermarket chains are selling pink salt these days. But what is the deal with pink salt? read more...

Healthy Weight & BalanceImage of two healthy couples playing in the field

At the beginning of the year, it seems that everyone is interested in “getting back in shape” and “shedding a few pounds”. What is a healthy weight? How do we define it? Patients tell me that their healthy weight is... read more.

7 Simple Rules to Avoiding Cold & Flu SeasonImage of women sick in bed

These are 7 simple rules to fighting off the cold and flu... read more.

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