Patient Testimonials

The following are real patient testimonials for Dr. Arturo Portales and the OC Medical Tustin staff. These are a collection of video testimonials, Yelp reviews, and notes left by actual patients who wanted to share their real medical concerns and the solutions we provide.

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Read Paul B.'s review of Arturo Portales, DO on Yelp

Dr Portales and I met for the first time yesterday. I found him on Google Search, randomly. My nervousness about the possibility of ADHD was overcome by his sheer presence. He listened with genuine interest. Overall, the guy was professional, polite and patient. Thanks again for your advice Doc! And Yes, I am ADHD so this was a Huge help for me!"

- Shaka S.
Costa Mesa, CA
(5-star Yelp review)

Awesome Doctor!!! Always listens and never judges. Makes you feel comfortable no matter what the problem is. I have been to a lot of doctors ans because I'm tattooed I get judged harshly and blown off. I'm so thankful to have found Doc Portales!!!! Its worth the drive from Hollywood to be treated with respect. Plus they let me do phone appointments when I can't get time off work to make it down there."

- Rachel S.
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
(5-star Yelp review)

Dr. Portales listens and cares deeply for his patients. He's empathetic and genuine; he treats his patients like he would treat his own family considering the holistic approach to healing. What I love about this doctor is that he provides a personalized care and treatment; he considers the importance of relationship between structure and functionality. Dr. Portales has a great ability to explain biological reasoning behind his prescribed medication and supplements. The clinic staff is friendly and does not require you to wait more than few minutes. If you're looking for a personalized care, you must visit this clinic."

H P.
Placentia, CA
(5-star Yelp review)

Over the last few years, I'd been feeling very tired all the time. Getting moving in the morning was next to impossible due to how painful and achy my body felt, combined with my fatigue. I had previously been diagnosed with Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue but hadn't had much luck treating it. I had resigned myself to the fact that the constant fatigue was simply going to be my "new normal" until I spoke with Dr. Portales. He took the time to review my symptoms and work with me to see what we could do to help eliminate them. He recommended Adren-All, Vitamin K2 with D3, the Reacted MultiMin, and Chrondro-Flx. I have been taking these supplements for over a month now and I note a significant improvement in my "aches and pains". In addition, where it used to take me a good 4-5 hours to shake off sleep and be functional, I am now ready to go within an hour of waking up. I would highly recommend taking the time to visit Dr. Portales to see how he can help you."

- (name withheld for privacy)
Age 40-45 yrs.
Stanton, CA
Ethnicity - American Irish/Italian

Dr. Arturo Portales explains benefits of the supplements taken by this patient:

• Adren-All is a supplement used to treat stage 3 adrenal fatigue. It contains several vitamins which help support the adrenal gland. Additionally, it contains some adaptogenic herbs that help the adrenal “adapt” and improve its function. Finally, it has 2 ingredients that make it especially useful in late stage (stage 3) adrenal fatigue. Stage 3 adrenal fatigue is also called exhaustive phase adrenal fatigue and is characterized by poor production of cortisol. In earlier adrenal fatigue stages, the cortisol is elevated. but in late stage fatigue, the cortisol is now low. This results in low energy and fatigue. Adren-All contains licorice root extract. This acts to elevate cortisol levels. The other ingredient is the adrenal concentrate which acts to help the adrenal rebuild to a healthy state. Both of these are great in the exhaustive phase of adrenal fatigue.

• Vitamin K2 with D3 is a combination supplement. Vitamin D3 acts to stimulate retention of calcium and vitamin K2 acts to store calcium in the proper location in the bones.
Reacted MultiMin is a combination of essential minerals. Many of the minerals included are necessary in trace amounts for good musculoskeletal health.

• Chondro-FLx is great for joint health. Not only does it contain glucosamine and chondroitin, it also contains vitamin C and bromalin. Bromalin is an enzyme derived from pineapple which enhances absorption of chondroitin.

When I first went to see Dr. Portales I had immense pelvic pain and other health care practitioners were not providing accurate or helpful information. Dr. Portales suggested taking supplements such as Aloe Vera, Ortho Biotic, Estrodim, Magnesium Extract and Pro Biotic. Before I was taking the supplements I had pain about every other day. After a few weeks I started noticing improvements and pain was subsiding. I noticed when I missed taking the supplements the same pelvic pain symptoms would come back. I would highly recommend Dr. Portales to anyone seeking a doctor that has a long-term plan for pain relief. Besides having a caring doctor, the staff at the office is beyond amazing. Everyone takes the time and care needed when being in a personal and painful situation."

- (name withheld for privacy)
Age 30-35

Irvine, CA
Ethnicity - Hispanic

Dr. Portales explains benefits of the supplements taken by this patient:

• Orthobiotic is a probiotic. Probiotics are a dietary supplement containing live bacteria (as lactobacilli) and/or yeast that is taken orally to restore beneficial bacteria to the body for improved health.

• EstroDim is a supplement that provides all the nutrients necessary to properly metabolize the body’s estrogens so that there is not an over-abundance of metabolites which can be detrimental to one’s health.

• “Magnesium extract” is more properly known as ‘reacted magnesium’ which supplies the body with ready-to-use magnesium, an essential element important in over 300 different enzymatic reactions including muscle relaxation.

• Aloe Vera is the product Super Aloe which helps prevent constipation.

I spoke with Dr. Portales about depression and high amounts of stress from both family and work-related issues. I had trouble sleeping, seemingly daily headaches, and days where I simply didn't want to go outside. I have seen several doctors throughout the years and they all were quick to just write a prescription for one pill or another. Dr. Portales was different as he really took the time to listen to the source of my problems and took into consideration my previously bad experiences with the various pills I have tried in the past. I am trying several helpful suggestions that have helped and started getting counseling."

- (name withheld for privacy)
Age 35-40 

Brea, CA
Ethnicity - Asian

Dr. Portales explains that for this patient, who is not a fan of taking pills,  I recommended alternative natural medicine, a change of diet and exercise, as well as meditation. In his situation, because the source of his anxieties were decades old and fairly complex, I also suggested that he see a counselor in addition to lifestyle changes. It is important to understand that there is no overnight cure for depression or anxiety and that each situation is unique. I am not here to just medicate you, but to treat these and all types of health issues by discovering and treating the root cause.

I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Portales. Up until about 2 years ago I was the healthiest person you'd ever meet, I didn't even have a doctor. I started to completely lose control of myself. I was extremely fatigued, over emotional and experiencing symptoms I didn't know how to explain. I saw a few doctors who didn't understand me until I found Dr. Portales. He is the kindest, most sincere doctor I have ever seen. He pulled up a chair, looked me in the eye, and really listened to me. I had some labs done and found out I had Hashimoto's. Since then he has gotten me on the right track to feeling better and I feel so much healthier than I did before I saw him. I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me and I suggest everyone see him to be properly diagnosed."

- (name withheld for privacy)
Age 25-28 

Costa Mesa, CA
Ethnicity - Caucasian