Our Medical Services

Our goal is to optimize your health utilizing traditional and alternative medicine. We strive to treat health issues at the root cause, address lifestyle issues and educate you to maintain optimal wellness. Se Habla Español, both physician and staff.
Dr. Portales and the entire OC Medical Tustin staff knows that each patient represents a unique set of circumstances and this necessitates an individualized approach to each and every person. Through countless hours of study, we know that diseases are multi-factorial and healthcare must be approached with an open mind. This means when appropriate, we integrate other methods of healthcare delivery with an ultimate goal of optimizing a patient’s health. We do this to provide quality healthcare to patients where the root causes are addressed. Here are the services we provide:


Addiction / Opioid Addiction

Adrenal Fatigue

Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine


Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)
- Menopause
- Andropause
- Low testosterone

- Botox cosmetic
- Juvederm XC
- Vampire Facial (Micro-Needling with PRP)  
- Vampire FaceLift (Fillers with PRP)
- Vampire Hair (Hair Restoration with PRP & Stem Cells)
- Vampire Breast Lift (with PRP)
- Acne & Stretch Mark Removal (with PRP)

General Medicine
- Asthma (non-emergency treatment)
- Acute bronchitis
- Allergies
- Bladder infections
- Blood pressure
- Common colds
- Digestive health
- Digestive issues
- Fatigue
- Flu
- Gastritis
- Low thyroid

Heart Diagnostic Testing (Boston Heart Diagnostics)

IV Nutrition Therapy

Medical Cannabis

Pain Management
- Pain management (homeopathic)
- Stem cell therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
- Joint Pain Management
- Micro-Needling (Vampire Facial) 
- Fillers with PRP (Vampire FaceLift)
- Hair Restoration with PRP & Stem Cells (Vampire Hair)
- Vampire Breast Lift
- Acne & Stretch Mark Removal

- High School Sports physicals
- Drug screening for your employer
- Pre-employment physicals
- Immigration physicals
- TB testing (Tuberculosis testing)

Weight Loss
- Weight loss counseling
- Weight loss medication
- Custom meal plan