Natural Ways to Boost Immune Function

During this current outbreak of Covid-19, I am asked on a daily basis what we can do to prevent becoming infected. Social distancing is the obvious answer, but I believe there is a lot more we can and should do. We will not be socially distancing ourselves forever (thankfully) so how do we keep from getting infected?


The CDC has outlined several strategies, which I will re-post here and the IFM medical education team has presented several strategies in the following: 


Prevention Strategies in Alignment with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention








Natural Means of Boosting Immunity


Supplements, nutrients, and foods to support immune function

There are several nutrients, plant-based botanicals, and supplements that can boost immune function and provide symptom relief during illness and may help to shorten the duration of illness. For preventing and treating viral upper respiratory infections, consider some of the following:


Arturo Portales, D.O.

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